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    Product Details

    Endometrial Sampler consists of handle, sheath, drivepipe, sus wire, brush etc., for disposable use only.

    A revolutionary technique in endometrial biopsy, without the need of cervical dilatation, painless, low damage, less bleeding, easy operation. The collecting part is designed as brushy pillar configuration, in order to collect intact or endometrium specimens in a gentle and even way in the fundus of uterus. The sampling process gains high satisfaction and the specimens meet the needs for tissue pathological diagnosis, which is likely to be introduced as a standard endometrial examination. This technique is commonly used in gynecology and obstetrics in the developed countries, with a developing history of more than 70 years to reach its technical maturity.     

    1.       The drivetube with small size diameter, no need of cervical dilatation, insert into the cervical cavity directly
    2.       Depth marks on the drivetube secures the operation
    3.       Brushy pillar design of the collecting rod, soft but tough, covering the endometrium in all dimension leaving no blind spot in sampling, and the collected specimens meet the needs of the tissue examination.
    4.       After sampling, cover the brush with the sheath, in case the specimens can be better get lost or get mixed up during the withdrawal from the uterine cavity.